Un événement au coeur de la filière vin


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Salons d’envergure

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Ils Témoignent de leur participation à Wine Paris

For busy buyers and journalists, Wine Paris offers an opportunity to meet producers and discover wines from diverse regions under one roof.

Rebecca Gibb MW
(Newcastle, United Kingdom)

La France étant une référence mondiale dans le monde du vin, il était anormal que sa capitale n'accueille pas un évènement d'envergure nationale et internationale. Les cavistes se doivent de visiter et de contribuer au rayonnement de ce salon.

Patrick Jourdain Caviste indépendant
(Paris, France)

Paris est indéniablement la plaque tournante d’influence et le symbole du leadership Français dans nos métiers de la sommellerie.

Philippe Faure-Brac Meilleur Sommelier du Monde
(Paris, France)

En tant caviste, un salon central, à Paris, réunissant tous les producteurs facilite nos achats et nous fait gagner en efficacité. La présence des vignerons et le contact physique étant tout aussi importants, c’est gagnant-gagnant !

Marie-Dominique Bradford TROIS FOIS VIN
(Paris, France)

For us importers, it is very good to have 2 events consolidated into just one in this central and exceptional location that is Paris since it is very time consuming to select new wines and meet with all the existing partners. Having one event will allow us to spend our time much more efficiently.

Jürgen Schlanke Weinmarkt Mattheis
(Tübingen, Germany)

We are very excited to know that Vinisud and VinoVision Paris will now be together in Paris. Combining these shows is beneficial for all in the wine industry.

Brent McNab The Apollo Group
(Doral, USA)

After the successful 2018 WWM Paris, it's a pleasure for me to join 2019 Wine Paris. As this event is in the centre of Paris, access is much easier. This allows me to travel just once but to have a larger range and more opportunities to find new rarities and of course new partners.

(Leipzig, Germany)

Wine Paris 2019 will bring together top producers and importers in a simplified manner and contributes to the growth of the wine business globally. The union of Vinisud and Vinovision has opened many doors for growth and development for those in the industry.

(Miami, USA)

The prospect of merging these two events is extremely exciting. I look forward to seeing all of our producers in the same place at the same time.

Keith Mabry K&L Wine Merchants
(Los Angeles, USA)

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